Monday, August 15, 2011

Honeymoon Adventure

So I wanted to talk a little bit about our honeymoon, partly because I want to help myself remember all of the details. :) We decided to go to the beach off the coast of NC. I really wanted to stay at Sunset Beach and I kind of beat myself up at first about not staying there because I wanted Duke to experience the beach that I love so much. But....there is really only one place to stay at on Sunset Beach and it is on the inlet instead of the beach, soo, I picked a really nice place right on Ocean Isle Beach called Ocean Isle Inn.

And I loved it. :)

We ate at some really cool places. The first night we kind of splurged and went to The Boundary House. It was yummy. And they had the best sweet tea ever.

I also insisted one night that we should go to Margaritaville. Love it. And he did, too. :) We sat outside because it was nice.

And I totally beat Duke at putt putt one night. But if you were to ask him he would disagree. Haha.

He was also sweet enough to stop at every single antique and thrift store for me. He's the best. :)

One morning we woke up really early and walked the beach. That was totally overrated. Ha. We couldn't see where we were walking and my camera wasn't cooperating because of the humidity. But the walk on the pier was nice.

On the walk out to the pier, a man that ran the convenience store with the pier access told us that a 5'10" shark had been caught days before. It weighed 120 lbs. That terrified me. Especially because Duke had insisted the day before (while we were swimming in the ocean, mind you...) that there were absolutely no sharks near us and that I was being silly. Oh, yeah? ;) Haha. Sure.

I think we both had the best time at the winery. :) Silver Coast Winery.

Duke made me the coolest trivet ever from some corks that they gave us.

I love it.

I can't wait until this deployment is over already....
I had the best 11 days with him ever.

Thanks for looking. :)

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