Friday, October 7, 2011

Painting and Deployment Talk

Hello!!!! Here is a little update regarding my last post. My painting class was super awesome!!!!!!! I seriously had a fabulous time and it was great to be 100% focused on something other than life for two and a half hours. :) Here is my finished product.

My teacher was obviously super great. :)

I kind of feel like I have been in a "funk" this week, so I have been trying to stay really busy. I have actually signed up for another painting class on Monday and my BFF is coming to visit me tomorrow!!! Heeheeeeee!


I don't really talk about what is going on in my personal life at work unless people ask me. I definitely don't want anyone to feel sorry for me while Duke is gone. I feel very lucky to be married to such an amazing guy and no one should feel any pity towards me at all. I'm not the one overseas working 36 hour shifts. He is. They are...

I have had some pretty interesting conversations at work this week. It cracks me up what some people say.

I got pretty upset at work because I missed a phone call from Duke while I was in an exam room. The doctor that I was working with said, "oh...can't you just call him back?"
------(me) "ummm....not really......."

Another girl was asking me how Duke was and she asked me how often I get to talk to him on the phone. I told her about twice weekly. She said, "but he has a cell phone and you can call him anytime, right?"
------(me) "ummmm.....nooooooo....and if I miss his call, that's it for a few days."
She seemed so surprised.

And then, someone that I work with is about to go to Mexico for one week with her husband for their one year wedding anniversary and she said that she was dreading spending the whole week with him and hoped that he would sleep late in the mornings so she could wake up and go for a run by herself. Wow. And she tells me all the time that my relationship is an ideal one because we never get to see each other and she would just love that. Oh, really!?

I just can't believe it sometimes. I have to go in the bathroom and calm myself down. It's crazy. I would give anything to go somewhere right now with my husband for one whole week. Silly people.

* * * * *

It's the ten year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan and it is very  important to remember the sacrifices that all of our troops have made for this wonderful country.


  1. Hahaha, "you can't just call him back?" People are crazy :)

    & good for you signing up for painting classes! Such a great way to have some "me" time -- and it turned out super pretty!

  2. Loving the post. Some people just don't get it. And I am pretty sure the "my best friend is coming to see me tomorrow" comment was about a pretty awesome person. Haha. Love the painting and the blog.

  3. Simply B --- Thank you! :)

    BrittBritt --- "Eye" "heart" "you" bahaha! :)

  4. Hello! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog! I love that you just married your high school sweetheart! You are totally gorgeous too! I can't wait to read more about you guys :) Have a great week.


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