Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It may be a little early...

...but I really want this for Christmas! I saw it today in my new issue of Martha Stewart Living. So cute. And I love the vintage-y looking photos that it takes. :)


I seriously want to take some photography classes soon.....

~ ~ ~

On another note, my deployment "donut of misery" status says, "feeling like superwoman!!!!!!"

Not so much though....I feel like I have been a little frustrated over the last couple of days...

....but I'm hangin' in there! I feel the urge to paint today. I think I am going to go buy some supplies and attempt to paint outside of painting class! : D

I was thinking today about Duke and me. Is it crazy that we have only spent two and a half weeks together this year? (Sigh.) It may seem crazy, but it's true.

I love him sooo much. But, sometimes I feel like when he comes home, we will have to sort of "get to know each other" again. Is that weird? It seems strange to me, too. And it makes me nervous sometimes.

But, I'm excited about it. One of the few good things about having a long-distance relationship is getting those butterflies over and over again before we see each other. And we appreciate the time we have together. And we really "get to know one another" over and over.

Of course, I would trade all of that in a second to have him with me everyday! :)

~ ~ ~

Thanks for reading.

Life is a gift and time is precious. Too many people take it for granted. Stop and think...and appreciate. :)

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