Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cali Trip

My memory seems to really be failing me lately, so I wanted to sort of keep a record of what me and the husband did on my trip to Cali to see him off. We took these photos before the camera died. So here it goes....

Hello, San Diego! :)

Duke! I miss that guy.

I thought this was cool...

The last time I went to Cali, we had zero photos of us together. So this time I snapped this one in the truck first thing! :) Kind of scary...I know...lol.

We ate here the first night. It's just a T.G.I. Friday's, but I thought it looked cool.

Duke found seaweed on the beach.

...and decided to wear it. Haha. He's so silly.

Opposites attract. Haha.

San Diego Padres game!!!! We loove baseball.

I love Yoo-Hoo. He loves Coke. Always.


Wild buffalo!

We rode a train!!!

Horse racing in Del Mar. Awesome.

Jelly Cable...the horse that I wanted to bet on. Yup, he came in last place. Haha. But, he was the prettiest.

South Coast Winery!

My man.

Other cool things we did together:
We ate the best grilled cheese sandwich ever.
Paid a guy to pull us around in a cart with a bicycle. Haha. Priceless.
Duke watched me eat a lot of cotton candy. I mean a lot. Ha.
Duke took me to the biggest tack store ever and bought me a new pair of boots!
We went on a trail ride at the barn on base. Soo fun.
We saw a couple of movies!
We visited the animal shelter on base and saw the cuties. He wanted one.
We saw a full rainbow.
We rode a Harley. Around a mountain. I was scared.
We had fun.

I love Cali. And I miss Duke.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Wow sounds like fun!!! BTW thanks for all the clothes/hats!!! :)


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